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Ottawa based Dealfinder was founded by Bob Prest in 1993, when he realized his love of negotiating for new cars, which he gladly did for family and friends (for free), could become a successful business.

However, the business almost did not get off the ground as Dealfinder was quickly notified that, according to the Ontario Motor Vehicle Act, an automobile consultant service that helps people negotiate for their new car was against the law.

The law only allowed the registration of dealers, brokers (who can be paid by the dealer) or salesmen, all other categories were excluded. The fine for not complying was 2 years in jail and a fine of $25,000.

After many months of discussion, Dealfinder was allowed to offer its consulting services, provided that (taken from a letter from the Ontario Government):


there is no collusion on the part of any dealer;


you do not receive payment nor any other form of consideration from a dealer;


having paid for the service, the customer is under no obligation to purchase the car;


the customer is made aware that all contract/warranty obligations are the responsibility of the dealer only.

Several years later, Dealfinder was expanded from an Ontario only business to Canada wide.

Dealfinder prides itself in being a service based company; in that we do everything for the customer, from negotiating the lowest price to making the arrangements for you to pick up your vehicle and everything in between. Our customers soon learn that once they place their order, the only other thing they have to do is show up, pay up and pick up.

Lastly, Dealfinder is the only new car buying service (that we are aware of) in Canada that offers the lowest price guaranteed or we will refund our fee. We do not offer to get our customers a fair price, or a good price; we guarantee to get our customers the lowest price. It has been that way since day one.

To learn more about us, see How It Works.

Ready to buy your new car?

Simply complete our on-line new automobile request form or contact us by phone: 1-800-331-2044

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