The Lemon-Aid books (new and used car/truck) have been the best-selling Canadian consumer guide for almost 40 years. In the book shown, in the section entitled "When and Where to Buy New Vehicles", this is what Phil Edmonston has to say about Dealfinder:

For most buyers, going into a dealer showroom to negotiate a fair price is intimidating and confusing. Numbers are thrown at you, promises are made and broken, and after getting the "lowest price possible," you realize your neighbour paid a couple thousand dollars less for the same vehicle.

No wonder smart consumers are turning away from the "showroom shakedown" and letting professional buyers, like Ottawa-based Dealfinder Inc. (, separate the steak from the sizzle and real prices from "come-ons." In fact, simply by dealing with the dealership directly, Dealfinder can automatically save you the $200+ sales agent's commission, before negotiations even begin.

For a $159 flat fee, Dealfinder acts as a price consultant after you have chosen the vehicle you want. The agency then shops dealers for the new car or truck of your choice in any geographic area you indicate. It gets no kickbacks from retailers or manufacturers, and if you can negotiate and document a lower price than Dealfinder, the fee will be refunded. What's more, you're under no obligation to buy the vehicle they recommend, since there is absolutely no collusion between Dealfinder and any manufacturer or dealership.

Dealfinder is a small operation that has been run by Bob Prest for 15 years. He knows the ins and outs of automobile price negotiation and has an impressive list of clients, including some of Canada's better-known credit unions. His reputation is spread by word-of-mouth recommendations and the occasional media report. He can be reached by phone at 1-800-331-2044, or by email at

The following is taken from an article written by publisher Dale Ennis.  MoneySaver offers Dealfinders' service to their subscribers as a member benefit.  The testimonials speak for themselves.

"I was excited when I first contacted Bob Prest of DEALFINDER Inc. and learned of his innovative vehicle-consulting program.  I wondered why I had not heard about his service earlier.  He quickly explained that advertising-driven publications would not permit him to advertise his service.  Therefore, he relied on personal endorsement for his growth.

"I immediately offered to notify Canadian MoneySaver about his (then Ontario-only) program. Subscribers continue to inquire about the validity of Bob's service.  I'll let satisfied customers, and subscribers, comment on their experiences."

"I bought a new car in October, using the services of DEALFINDER.  I found them to be pleasant and extremely efficient.  They saved me several thousand dollars and renewed my subscription to your magazine which I continue to enjoy and profit from."  John Thatcher, Mississauga, Ontario.

"This is a note to tell you how thoroughly satisfied with the 'shopping' Bob Prest did for me.  I leased a new Honda Civic LX for $202.01/month…this compares with Honda's ads (without any of my options) for $218.00/month.  Bob was very open and thorough in developing cost and mark-up information for me, and never pressed me in any way."  Ted Bjerkelund, Ottawa, Ontario.

"Great service.  Great deal.  What can I say except ~~ How great thou is!"  John McEwen, Dalhousie, New Brunswick.   (John saved $2,983 on his new Dodge Caravan purchase.)

"Mr. Prest listed our requirements... We were pleasantly surprised to hear (from Bob) the next day with a very attractive quote.  No Pressure, no signing and a great price.  He held our hands throughout with total understanding."  Neil Thompson, West Vancouver, British Columbia.

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In the Internet section under Automobiles the following excerpt appears:

If you think negotiating the best car price seems too much like hard work, log onto Dealfinder, Inc. ( The firm will search for the car of your choice in any geographic area you indicate ..."

"The Magazine for Canadians who want more"

Below is a subscriber's letter to the editor that was published in response to a car buying article that appeared in the magazine:

"I read The best deals in wheels (June/July)and was disappointed that you failed to mention the best Canadian buying service that I've found.  It is (1-800-331-2044). The paltry 5% off manufacturer's suggested retail price you used as a guideline for a "good deal" was doubled by Dealfinder. The fee is $159 and an excellent value. No hassle, straightforward and guaranteed. It doesn't get any better."   Frank Blum, Toronto.

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